Other Texas Insurance Policies


Life Insurance

While thinking about our mortality isn’t pleasant, life insurance is an important form of protection for your loved ones. Many families are financially devastated when they lose a loved one, especially if that loved one was the bread-winner. This type of insurance is designed to help your family when you are no longer here to do so. It is the single best way to provide for their financial needs, rather than leaving them without the basic necessities of life.

Dormer Insurance can help you determine the proper type of life insurance needed and the adequate amount for your particular situation. Don’t leave your survivors destitute. Instead, speak with us about the policy that works best for you, whether it is term life, whole life or another option. Do this today so your family only has to worry about the grieving process after you are gone, not where they will live or how they will survive.


Long-Term Care Coverage

Long-term care is something that isn’t included in most health insurance plans, yet it is valuable to have for those that become incapable of caring for themselves due to long-term illness, cognitive impairment or a disability. When an illness or disability is incurable by medical intervention, this type of insurance can help cover expenses associated with making day to day living a bit easier.

In the event of an illness, disability or impairment that negatively affects a person’s ability to care for themselves, assistance can be provided for a variety of day to day tasks. Whether help is needed with bathing, eating, walking, dressing, or using the restroom, there is no need to burden the family with day to day assistance. The assistance and care can be provided at the patient’s home, in hospice, a nursing home or an assisted living facility, which lets family members spend valuable time with their loved ones without focusing on the minutia.

As American’s are living longer, long-term care insurance is something that should be strongly considered. Call Dormer Insurance today to learn more about long-term care insurance.